Gel Strength of Drilling Mud

Gel strength is the shear pressure of boring mud that is estimated at low shear rate after the boring mud is static for a specific timeframe. The gel strength is one of the significant penetrating liquid properties since it shows the capacity of the boring mud to suspend drill strong and lost circulation material when flow is stopped.

How might we get the get strength?

We utilize the 3-rpm perusing which will be recorded subsequent to mixing the penetrating liquid at 600 rpm from a rheometer. Ordinarily, the main perusing is noted after the mud is in a static condition for 10 second. The subsequent perusing and the third perusing will be 10 minuets and 30 minutes, separately. You may ask why we need to record the 3-rpm perusing following 30 minutes.

The explanation is that the 30 moment perusing will reveal to us whether the mud will incredibly shape the gel during a broad static period or not. On the off chance that the mud has the high gel strength, it will make high siphon pressure to break flow after the mud is static for long time. Besides, expanding in a pattern of 30-minute gel strength demonstrates a development of ultra fine strong. Hence, the mud should be treated by adding synthetics or weakening with new base liquid.

The accompanying causes will bring about the high gel strength in the water base mud.

• Bacteria

• Drill strong

• Salt

• Chemical tainting as lime, gypsum, concrete, and anhydrite

• Acid gases as Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide

For an oil base boring liquid, there are a few focuses that will cause the high gel strength in the mud framework as follows.

• Over treatment with natural gelling material

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