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With its rich culture and tradition, Dubai is also a haven for those looking for window treatments made from exotic materials. There are many stores selling designer window coverings in Dubai, and the demand for these window coverings has been increasing in the city. This makes it a good place to source for window treatments. It offers a wide range of choices for all occasions; so whatever your choice is, you will be able to find it here in Dubai. Here are some of the types of treatments available in Dubai:


Blackout Curtains Dubai for windows Blackout window treatments are made from special fabric that can totally darken the room. They are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, as they create a sense of mystery and have a relaxing effect. They are very different from regular blinds and shades, which are made from fabric that lets in light but creates discomfort when it gets too much. Blackout window treatments can be used both inside and outside the house and come in a variety of colors. Blackout drapes are sold at most shops in Dubai, and you may also find them online.

Window Treatments

Exotic Curtains Exotic window treatments, like Indian Curtains, are made from materials that are hard to find in the United States. These drapes are woven from bamboo, jute, sisal, and even precious stones and metals. These exotic curtains are popularly used in hotels and spas as well as homes, and you will find many exotic fabrics made into curtains and rugs. They are quite expensive because of their rarity, and hence they are generally more expensive than regular curtains.


Vertical Curtains Dubai window treatments usually come in two types: those that are done on the floor and those that are hung up on the wall. Both vertical curtains and Roman blinds are hanging from the wall, allowing light to stream in but blocking out the sun from entering through the windows. This type of window treatment is popular in hotels and luxury spas and are sold in stores in Dubai as well as online. You may also find them at outlet stores in Dubai.

Bottle Curtains or Pinch Pilate Curtains

Bay/ Bottle Curtains The most common type of curtain in use today is the bay/ bottle curtain. These curtains hang from the ceiling, with one or more sections falling down into the room. You can use these bay/ bottle curtains to divide a room into different areas, or to completely darken a room. When you want to let in more light, just raise the bottom section of the curtain and let the light streaming in go through. When you want to keep out more light, lower the curtain and the room will be lighter and look better.

Privacy Curtains Dubai window coverings are popular for the privacy they provide. Most people will purchase window coverings to block out the outside world, so they won’t see what’s going on inside the room. Many Dubai curtains are sheer, allowing any amount of light to come into the room. Others have blackout features, which means no light can enter the room. Curtains that offer total privacy are most sought after.


These types of curtains are available at many home improvement stores throughout Dubai. There are even stores that sell all of these types of products, so shopping around for the best prices is not difficult. If privacy is a priority for you live in a high-rise apartment building with many windows, then purchasing your curtains online is the best way to get what you want at a price you can afford. Sometimes, purchasing your Dubai curtains online will save you more money than if you bought them at a local store.


Dubai is an exotic place to visit, and window coverings are an important aspect of that experience. You can always find quality curtains at a good price in Dubai. Just keep in mind that whatever you buy, you will need to protect your investment with a good warranty or return policy, in case something doesn’t work out the way you planned.

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